Maktub, meaning "it is written," holds the top spot as my all-time favorite word.

Athar Bangash

5/8/20242 min read

What makes it my favorite word?

I first encountered this word in Paulo Coelho's book "The Alchemist," where its usage was profoundly moving. The protagonist's journey unveils encounters with individuals who impart the significance of "Maktub" and the idea that destiny is predetermined.

This notion has instilled in me not just hope for my future, entrusted to a higher power, but also a belief that every present occurrence is steering me toward a grander purpose in life.


Greetings, everyone!

I'm Athar Bangash, deeply passionate about storytelling and fearless in pursuing my dreams. As a self-taught cinematic travel filmmaker, I currently operate as a freelancer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

My ultimate aspiration is to traverse the globe, capturing its myriad narratives and evolving into a better individual with each expedition. .

During my earlier years, precisely on February 9th, 2015, I experienced the loss of my father. Subsequently, I decided to leave college and chase my aspirations.

Initially, I aimed to become a gaming YouTuber. Therefore, after discontinuing my studies, I actively pursued this goal. Over two years, I immersed myself in creating gaming content, streaming on Twitch, producing gaming videos, editing them, and sharing them on YouTube.

Not long after that, a friend of mine introduced me to programming. He provided guidance, and through him, I gained substantial knowledge about website development and the underlying mechanics of online content. I focused on learning about websites, primarily delving into the programming language known as "JavaScript."

After a while of learning, I chose to forge my own path which involved creating videos.
Video editing had been a skill I'd honed since childhood, so I began editing videos for others and found success in freelancing. This marks the beginning of my freelance journey.

Going forward, this blog will serve as a platform for me to share my:

  • My Hopes and Dreams

  • Achieving goals and my progress so far

  • Mistakes I've made and learned from

  • Life's Journey, My Experiences and Lessons

I'm excited about how this will help others down the road. I'll spill all the cool stuff I find, from my adventures to the tricks I've picked up in editing, filmmaking, and beyond. I want to give you what's worth your time, especially if you're as into this as I am. It's all set in stone, ready to unfold, and who knows where it'll take me? Time will tell.

But I know you'll dig coming along for the ride, and I'm all ears for your journey too.

Let's level up together! Cheers, everyone!